During consultation with young people an idea was put forward to have a new Frequently Asked Questions area. This section will allow local organisations to answer any questions young people may have around accessing services so that they are able to access support at the most appropriate stage. If you have any questions that you believe would be helpful to young people please send us them using the contact form below.

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Our frequently asked questions

How/where do I begin in accessing support?
Confidentiality – young people are requesting that more information is given regarding risk. What types of risks need to be shared, and what the likely outcomes would be following this. They feel that in general this information tends to be very abstract?
How to combat the anxiety, distrust and fear associated with ‘ becoming part of a system’ in which information is then shared without consent
Young people report a tendency to make comparisons with the lives of their peers. This can result in them minimising their own distress - believing that other people’s difficulties are more serious than their own. They are asking for clarity/reassurance about when to seek a referral.
How to combat the ‘large feeling’ of being ‘unjustified’.