Support young people you work/volunteer with through wellbeinginfo

Information around self-help and local services for young people is vast and it can often be hard to find reliable, up to date information which you can use to support young people you work/volunteer with. If you have a young person who you think could benefit from using some self-help information or contacting a local organisation for additional support than what is currently available to them then we want to help with that.

We aim to provide reliable, up to date and useful information around different topics which you can use to navigate systems around young people and get the most appropriate support at the necessary time for those who need it.

You can currently search through a variety of pages covering different topics where we provide brief information on the subject then signpost you to a national website who can provide more in depth knowledge. We also provide information on commissioned services in your locality who can provide more support to young people around that topic so that you know how to refer to.

Is something missing?

We are continually looking to improve the information we provide so that we are helping young people to support themselves, helping parents/carers to support the young people around them and helping professionals to support the young people we work/volunteer with. If you find that there is something missing e.g. a new page of information and signposting information then please just let us know, we’d love your feedback on the site!